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StorePower creates beautiful, branded ecommerce sites for grocery stores like yours. Our sites work seamlessly on all devices and are a joy for your customers to use.

We power your stores with proprietary software. Our software efficiently manages every step from picking and packing, to payment, to click-and-collect or delivery.

Online grocery growth is real - forecasted to grow at 7X the rate of offline grocery through 2018 (21.1% vs. 3.1%). But it's being driven by third parties who are stealing customers from traditional grocery stores. You've built a brand and cultivated relationships with your customers over years. Don’t let them go to a third party.

Win the online customer now with StorePower.


  • Click & Collect or Delivery: Offer the convenience of shopping online and collecting in your store - or of home delivery. 
  • Smart Substitutions: Customer ordered something that's out of stock? No problem. Our system sends an automated text message to get their substitution preference. 
  • Intelligent Analytics: Receive in-depth data analysis of real-time shopping trends on your site to drive smarter merchandising and marketing both online and in your stores. 

About the Company

Our award-winning team has 6 years of ecommerce expertise under our belts and is dedicated to ongoing ecommerce innovation.

As the celebrated team that built into a brand that Forbes named one of the 25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands, we're so addicted to excellent User Experience that we might be needing rehab. After years of ecommerce experience, we understand your consumers: how to get them onto your site and straight to checkout (and then running to tell all their friends to do the same). Want more? Leverage our experience in social media, online and email marketing to have them banging down your (virtual) doors.

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