Great Northern Corporation


The best in packaging performance has met the best in printing performance. With StrataGraph, you have the structural performance needed to get through your supply chain and the highest quality printing in the industry to give your brand maximum visibility at retail. 


  • Our web based manufacturing technology streamlines printing, laminating and converting and results in a laminated paperboard substrate with high quality print characteristics, no more flute lines or false scoring, and the structural performance to stand up to the rigors of your supply chain.
  • StrataGraph is available in a variety of different product formats that allow you to create maximum visual impact for undeniable retail presence.
  • It is especially suited for all retail environments, providing the protection and versatility your brands require to meet their performance goals.

About the Company

Privately held, Great Northern Corporation is one of the nation’s largest independent producers of packaging and in-store displays. Our extensive manufacturing and converting capabilities allow us to deliver innovative solutions through a diverse range of product offerings, reinforcing our commitment to helping our customers ship better and sell more.

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