Supercharge Retail Sales

Supercharge Retail Sales



Why Myagi? Anyone who knows retail knows that creating, delivering and measuring training in retail is tough. Really tough. Myagi takes the pain out of training retail sales associates, helping retailers & brands boost sales, improve customer relationships and cut costs.

The only choice for retail: Myagi was designed with retail (and the retail supply chain) in mind, so whether you're a retail owner / executive, store manager, brand manager, sales rep, or sales associate, Myagi was built for you.

Start with Myagi for free: Myagi was built for all retailers and suppliers, not just the big guys, which is why we have plans to suit everyone (even a generous Free plan). Myagi's plans grow as you grow - think of us as your secret weapon in sales growth!


  • Create And Train In minutes: Myagi gives you a set of tools that allows anyone in any company to create training using their existing digital assets in minutes.
  • Easy Company Setup: Myagi helps you setup your company, teams, brands and relationships in a flash. Our smart invitation system makes it simple to get users onboard and in the right place.
  • Connect With Suppliers: Myagi makes sharing training content as simple as using your favorite social network. Invite brands, retailers, suppliers and other training experts to connect and start sending & receiving training content.

About the Company

Myagi helps retailers become more knowledgeable about the brands and products they sell so they can provide a trusted and engaging shopping experience to their customers. Whether retailers need to train their staff on retail operations, product knowledge, or sales and customer service, Myagi is the easiest and most dependable way to deliver the right knowledge to the right staff member at the right time.

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