Swirl Mobile Presence Management

Swirl Mobile Presence Management

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Everything you need to originate and manage a location intelligence data layer for your retail operation.


For retailers who want to drive nearby consumers into the store, reengage lapsed mobile app users, or gain additional insight into the shopper journey, Swirl’s advanced geofencing capabilities can help. With a complete set of tools for managing thousands of geofences and the ability to deliver highly relevant mobile content based on a consumer’s outdoor location, the Swirl platform makes it easy to add location-based capabilities to any mobile app. Whether you want to build virtual boundaries near your stores, around shopping malls, at targeted points of interest or even at your competitors’ locations, Swirl’s geofencing solution provides everything you need to enable location-based mobile marketing at scale. 

Indoor Digital Location Signals

Swirl’s platform supports the widest variety of indoor digital location signals and hardware devices, enabling retailers to add an in-store mobile marketing capability that leverages and complements their retail infrastructure. Whether you want to take advantage of an existing in-store signal network or create an entirely new location signal infrastructure, Swirl’s flexible and open architecture provides a mobile presence marketing solution that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any large-scale retail environment. 

Swirl Beacons

Experience the industry’s most advanced and longest lasting Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) beacon. With a six year battery life, support for multiple broadcast protocols and a full suite of tools for managing even the largest beacon networks, Swirl’s beacon hardware offers retailers the most accurate and reliable location signal available today. 

Location Signal Management

Swirl’s Location Signal Management tools were designed specifically for large-scale applications, providing everything you need to set up, manage, monitor and control even the largest location signal network. With a single interface for managing geofences, WiFi, VLC and Bluetooth beacon signals, Swirl makes it easy for retailers to manage one of their most valuable strategic assets. And enterprise-class security features mean that you’ll never have to worry about unauthorized parties accessing your location signals. 

Mobile Presence SDK

Swirl’s Mobile Presence SDK makes it easy to add outdoor geolocation or indoor proximity triggers to any iOS or Android mobile app. Wth a rich set of features and integration options, the Swirl SDK enables you to deliver location or proximity-based mobile experiences, while at the same time generating valuable insight into shopper behavior. With support for geofencing, WiFi, VLC and Bluetooth beacons, you’ll be able to reach and engage with the broadest set of consumers in and around your stores. 

Audience Management

Swirl’s Audience Management capabilities make it easy for retailers to reach beyond their own mobile apps in order to engage with the broadest set of in-store shoppers. Whether you want to take advantage of Google’s Nearby Notification service to connect your in-store beacons to 100 million Android devices or you want to deliver unique and highly customized in-store mobile experiences through a variety of third party shopping, social or lifestyle apps, we can help. Swirl provides retailers with everything they need to control access to their location signals, manage relationships with multiple audience partners and create and optimize next-generation retail store experiences that drive meaningful business results. 

Swirl Databridge™ & Location APIs

If you’re like most major retailers, you probably have a collection of marketing, analytics, CRM, mobile and ecommerce platforms already installed.  So how can you take advantage of mobile presence data to make these platforms work even better? With Swirl, it’s easy. Our location data APIs and structured integrations with leading third party platforms allow you to seamlessly integrate in-store shopper behavioral data with your existing customer databases and platforms. Delivering truly personalized marketing messages across all channels has never been easier.


Leverage your location

  • Transform your brick and mortar  stores into a valuable digital asset. 

Know your customer

  • Capture and codify the behaviors of your in-store shoppers. 

Personalize your brand

  • Deliver uniquely tailored content when and where it matters most. 

Optimize your spend

  • Improve campaign performance across all of your marketing channels. 

Location signal agnostic

  • Support for a variety of location signals and hardware providers

Modular architecture, open APIs

  • Easily integrates with your existing marketing tech stack

First party data

  • Retailer originated and owned, for complete control

Trusted by industry leaders

  • Deep relationships with leading technology, marketing and media companies

Most advanced marketing tools

  • Specifically designed for mobile presence marketing

Expertise & support

  • Strategic guidance and client support backed by in-market experience gained from top retailers

About the Company

Swirl is a marketing technology company that is harnessing the power of mobile presence to enable retailers to get more from every shopper visit. Swirl’s Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform is the retail industry’s most advanced platform for in-store digital marketing. By leveraging the power of mobile presence, Swirl is helping retailers take advantage of their most powerful marketing asset – the retail store. The Swirl platform allows retailers to take advantage of digital location signals including geofences, WiFi, Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth beacons, to create an entirely new set of customer behavioral data, and then act on this data to influence shoppers in-store, on their mobile devices and online.

Swirl works with industry leaders including Lord & Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Timberland, Samsung, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Cisco and many more. Swirl is backed by top-tier investors including Twitter, Simon, Hearst, SoftBank and Longworth Venture Partners.

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