Swivel® Close-Up

Swivel® Close-Up

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc.


Available both online and in-store, Swivel®Close-Up's strong set of fully-customizable features revolutionizes the traditional shopping experience, giving consumers the abiltiy to visualize themselves wearing cosmetics, jewelry, eyewear and accessories in realtime.

Swivel® Close-Up is easy to use, transforming shopping into an event that encourages social sharing and builds purchasing confiences. And with its dynamic data tracking and share features, Swivel® Close-Up positions brands to be smarter, social businesses at the forefront of the swifty changing landscape of fashion and beauty.



  • Find It

FaceCake's augmented retail platform presents consumers with interactive access to relevant information in an easy-to-use format to quickly find what they’re looking for. 

  • Try It

FaceCake’s platform for apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and more enables shoppers to Try-On products, compare looks, get style advice and ultimately make informed choices, all in real time. 

  • Share It

With FaceCake’s shopping platform’s integrated social sharing component, taking selfies, sharing looks and getting input from friends is a snap. 

  • Buy It

FaceCake’s augmented retail shopping platform provides frictionless product interaction and built-in links that make it easy to purchase favorites.

About the Company

FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc. is a leader in augmented retail with a personalized, cross-device, targeted marketing platform. Combining patented technologies with intuitive user interfaces, FaceCake's innovations in Try-On allow consumers to virtually try individual or multiple products on their own images in real time, while instantly providing relevant product recommendations within each user session for superior personalization. 

With billions of product Try-Ons, FaceCake is expert at eliminating traditional shopping barriers and delivering immersive engagement that carries customers through decision points. In-store and at-home solutions are also compatible across devices, including an in-store kiosk, desktop, tablet or mobile phone, making FaceCake’s shopping platform accessible from anywhere.

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