SyncMax is the proper tool you need to solve these major issues and know and be able to track exactly what is going on within your business at all times. SyncMax is a synchronized data transfer system with real time data streaming via internet so that you can correct problems as they occur, and with 100% data consolidation and data replication, you can view stored data to review daily occurrences.

Companies with multiple sales agents in all different districts such as leather cleaning, or rug & carpet cleaning companies for example can especially benefit from the SyncMax capabilities because they can track and insert data continuously even as their employees are exiting and entering and making drop offs at all different times. Furthermore, it is greatly beneficial for large scale businesses with multiple satellite stores. SyncMax an asset, a valuable tool and a management solution for numerous demanding business situations. 


  • Centralized Inventory Management.
  • Real time data streaming.
  • Oversight from any location.

About the Company

ArbelSoft, Inc. is a Manhattan based segment of the dry cleaning industry led by John Parker, the founder of ArbelSoft and the president of numerous satellite stores in Manhattan.

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