Imagine a world where any product in any photo, image or video, on or offline was instantly purchasable., takes customer inspiration and automatically transforms it into new shopping opportunities, with proven results to increase brand loyalty, searchability and conversions for retailers and brands. combines object recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning that provides accuracy and speed. Assisting retailers and brands to expand their reach, where the world becomes their catalog and any visual asset becomes instantly clickable and shoppable!

Camera Button for Retailers

  • Bridging the gap between "want" and "have" we allow your shoppers to follow their inspiration straight to your site.

Deep Tagging for Retailers 

  • From the product image alone, our deep tagging automatically breaks down every garment into it's most nuanced attributes

Insta Search for Retailers

  • Shoppers upload an image of interest and are flooded with instagram influencers sporting the same piece. Once the user finds the look that works for them, they are able to shop the most visually similar versions within your inventory




  • Add a visual search camera button to your mobile website or application in 24 hours.
  • Turn images of interest (from real life, the internet, or social media screenshots) into shopping opportunities from within your inventory.
  • Shop all items in an image such as the shoes with the dress.
  • Easily shop visually similar items without manual searches. 


  • Monetize any article by allowing your readers to shop directly from the visual assets placed on your website.
  • Allow the reader to be inspired by content, with similar and exact results to the items they see.
  • Leverage sponsored articles by displaying multiple visually similar items from specific retailers. 


  • Shop from any image, photo, video, website or social media website.
  • Give yourself the freedom to know price, store and brand to any fashion or home décor item.
  • Shop the way you want, when you want and how you want.

About the Company

Syte enables immediate AI with strong ROI, providing retailers with a visual search camera button that is seamlessly integrated within 24 hours - allowing users to make the visual world shoppable. Syte uses visual search to create new immediate revenue streams that attract millennial users for customers and partners such as: Kohls, BooHoo, Marks & Spencers, Myntra, Kim Kardashian's Screenshop (Shazam for fashion), JD sports, PrettyLittleThings, SAMSUNG, Line Corp, Etam and others. Providing retailers with a risk and commitment free trial ready for production. Additional solutions include: Complete the Look, Shop the Look, Shop Similar, Image to Text, PDP, PLP.

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