RoomView - For Furniture and Home Decor

  • A Better Room Planner

Reduce buying friction online with an experience your customers love. Tangiblee’s RoomView solution paves the path to purchase, empowering shoppers to visualize and interact with your products in context. It’s the simple alternative to complex room planning software. 

  • Promote Multiple Items, Increase Cart Value

RoomView allows online shoppers to compare different items from a set of complementary products auto-populated with previously browsed items-all appearing in the same window. 

  • Perfect For Every Category, Built For You

Show a different thematic backdrop for every category served – bathrooms, living rooms, and more. Plus, Tangiblee designs the UX around your chosen color scheme, layout, listed comparison items, and more for a seamless, impactful addition to your product pages. 

  • Customize Everything Shoppers See & Click

You know your shoppers best. According to your preferences, Tangiblee will create a unique shopping experience that drives more purchases. You choose the comparison items, layout, color scheme, CTA location, product details, and more. 

  • Automatic Support For SKU Variations

Choosing between two couches? With Tangiblee, it’s simple. Easily compare a variety of product sizes, colors, and personalized features – empowering your online shoppers to understand important differences between couch #1 and couch #2. 

In-Store Shopping Experience For Your Website - For Jewelry and Watches

Transform existing content into an engaging in-store experience. 

  • Display Every Piece of Jewelry On a Model

Avoid costly photoshoots by displaying your pieces on human models. Pick the gender, skin color, body type, and body zoom location (wrist, ear, neck) and provide contextual clarity and relevance for online shoppers. 

  • Compare New & Recently Viewed Items

Customers can easily and clearly compare previously viewed items as well as other complementary items simultaneously. 

  • Tangiblee Customizes UX to Match Your Brand

Tangiblee collects your branding info and tailors the color scheme, model specs, zoom levels, comparison item list, CTA locations, and more, according to your branding preferences. 

  • Show Personalized Jewelry In Context

Tangiblee automatically supports SKU color or size variations for products including personalized, “custom built” pieces. This allows customers to see their own “designed” jewelry pieces in context and in comparison to other catalog items. 

The Perfect Solution for Totes, Satchels, Backpacks, Wallets, Luggage

Sell more items with fewer returns using Tangiblee. 

  • Choose Model Features that Show Wearability

Customers can adjust the models to match their body type and height. The comparison items help customers determine if the bag will function according to their needs and style. 

  • Automatic, Ready-to-Go SKU Variation Support

Tangiblee automatically supports SKU variations such as color, sizing, and custom feature accoutrements. 

  • Tangiblee Customizes UX To Match Your Brand

Tangiblee customizes the UX with font, color scheme, CTA additions, background theme, and more – keeping a consistent look while maintaining a streamlined journey to check-out for customers.


Tangiblee is Software With A Service

Tangiblee builds, manages, and optimizes your product pages using in-depth data analytics and expert insight into industry best practices – ensuring maximum impact to your website’s bottom-line. 

✓ No Website Slowdowns

✓ 48hour New SKU Processing

✓ No 3rd Party Function Interference

✓ Compatible with ANY eComm Platform 

✓ Integration As Simple As Copy & Paste 

✓ Add One Line Of Code - The only step you’ll ever need to handle on your end. 

✓ Configuration Designed For You - Tangiblee does all the heavy lifting, creating a custom experience tailored to your website.

About the Company

Tangiblee is a relative sizing widget for Jewelry, Handbags, Furniture, Accessories, Wallets, Watches, Luggage and Home Decor. We provide an online visual merchandising experience that is similar to an in-store shopping experience. Our relative sizing solution is out of the box Mobile and Desktop friendly. Clients include Shop Direct, Bloomingdale's, Living Spaces, Shane Co, Bellroy, Rebecca Minkoff, Ashford, Titan, Bling Jewelry, Carat Lane and HipVan. Tangiblee increases Revenue and RPV for our retailers. You can read about a recent 10.3% increase in Revenue for our customer here: http://internetretailing.net/2016/04/shop-direct-introduces-new-merchand... We utilize A/B testing to the prove the value of our relative sizing solution. The online visual merchandising experiences helps to increase Conversions, Revenue, Time On Site and RPV while decreasing Returns.

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