Tapcentive, Inc.


Tapcentive is a white label mobile engagement platform that extends marketing, loyalty, and couponing systems with interactive mobile in-store experiences. Tapcentive engagement is simple and fun: the "tap"of a mobile phone to a Touchpoint device triggers the delivery of rewards, coupons or other incentives via a retailer’s app. Touchpoints are battery-powered devices that can be placed throughout a retail environment from entranceways to endcaps – anywhere you want engagement. Combining social interactions in-location, instant gratification, gamification, and a user experience that is simple and repeatable, Tapcentive enables marketers to make in-location engagements a regular part of shopping journeys. The platform includes: Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth beacon hardware for in-location; a cloud-platform with location-based services, campaign management, and gamification; and a mobile software development kits (SDK) for with brandable animations and game experiences.


  • Capture a new dimension of in-location customer behavior data.
  • Increase dwell time and influence spending by delivering your most creative and targeted incentives.
  • Steer foot traffic into and around a venue and drive engagement exactly where it can impact your business most.

About the Company

Tapcentive develops interactive mobile marketing and loyalty solutions to drive engagement, influence foot traffic, and increase sales with in-location customers. Built by a team with 10+ years experience developing in-location mobile payments and commerce solutions worldwide for Visa, Tapcentive knows what works with real consumers and real phones. We also know that time and money are precious commodities in today's highly competitive retail market. Our solutions are designed to get you in market fast with the absolute minimum of technology development while creating exciting new experiences for your customers you never thought possible. Tap into the future of in-location mobile engagement today with Tapcentive.

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