Target Manager

Target Manager

BuzzeoPDMA/IMS Health


Sales targets can generate high motivation if properly set. But if unfair, decrease employee engagement and turnover. 

Successful incentive compensation strategies require accurate, fair and motivating sales territory goals. 

Target Manager, powered by our partner Primeum, is a web tool that empowers you to calculate, simulate and export your objectives based on your sales hierarchy and geography for your products. These calculations rely on your data, performance indicators and calculation methodology. The results can be transferred into the Incentive Manager or to your information systems.


  • Calculate motivating and fair territory objectives.
  • Simulate and compare several scenarios to find the best target allocation methodology.
  • Involve the sales management team to validate and adjust the target values.

About the Company

BuzzeoPDMA, now part of IMS Health, has recognized experts and advisors to the pharmacy retailers and healthcare community. We have extensive knowledge and experience consulting on the policies of the DEA and FDA, specializing in the CSA, PDMA, Fraud & Abuse, loss prevention, drug distribution State licensing assistance, regulatory training, diversion detection programs, and compliance and due diligence audits. BuzzeoPDMA is comprised of senior level management from the pharmacy industry as well as senior level regulatory experts from federal and state agencies that are able to identify issues as well as solutions from an operational and regulatory perspective. 

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