Singularized Product Recommendations

Singularized Product Recommendations

Tastry, Inc.


Tastry is a multidisciplinary innovator in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Analytical Chemistry which leverages hybridized Expert and Content-based Machine Learning and Flavor Chemistry to provide Multi-Criteria Recommender Systems.

…we like to say we “Taught a computer how to taste”.


Current. The current Tastry business model is primarily B2B2C. Consumers create a Tastry account, answer a of number sensory preference questions, and the recommender engine matches the consumer to available products at a brick and mortar retail location or online inventory. In addition to wine recommendations, Tastry provides cheese, cracker, meat, and recipe pairings (filterable by various aspects such as price). The current model provides the retailer a positive ROI “Return on Investment”, increased margin, and gross revenue all while providing increased customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Tastry is a win-win for the retailer and the consumer.


 Future. Tastry has increasingly been pursuing a B2B model for improving the design and development process of other businesses. Tastry intelligence can be used by manufacturers to not only standardize and codify the ‘sensory language’ but also in the development of sensory-based products through market segmentation of a population or demographic by flavor preference. This will further expand on the creation of ‘crowd-pleasers’ or creating ‘one-off’ consumer specific recommendations and products which considers individually relevant health and wellness attributes of consumable sensory-based products.


Big Picture. Additionally, our AI innovations in system architecture and methods are often described as revolutionary and able to increase the efficacy of many forms of recommender systems.

About the Company

Tastry (formerly known as Bottlefly), an AI company that combines analytical chemistry, flavor preferences and machine learning for tracking consumer preferences in sensory-based products. Tastry's patented method provides consumer recommendations with incredible accuracy. Founder Katerina Axelsson is a graduate of Cal Poly with a B.S. in Enology. While in school, Kat worked at a custom crush facility and noticed that one of their batches sent to two different labels received drastically different industry scores; it was then that she knew there had to be a more science-based way to score wine for the individual. Thus, the idea for Tastry was born. Over the next 3 years, she taught a computer how to taste. Her methods are turning heads across the globe, not only in the wine industry, but in other sensory-based markets, such as taste and fragrances. Her technology is proving that Tastry has not only created a new category for AI, but that Tastry is an AI company that is commanding market attention.

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Company Size:  11-50 employees