TaxCloud handles every aspect of sales tax management, from collection to filing.


  • Calculates sales tax in real time for every state, county, city and special juridiction in the US.
  • Keeps track of which types of products are exempt from sales tax in which states.
  • Monitors changes to tax rates and tax holidays and updates data accordingly.

About the Company

At FedTax, we believe that technology can make it easy for any business to calculate and collect sales tax. We also believe that businesses shouldn't have to spend a penny on collecting sales tax. 

FedTax was founded by e-commerce veterans in 2008 to offer online businesses a free and easy way to calculate and collect sales tax. We designed TaxCloud, our sales tax management service, to be easy to use and to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. 

FedTax is headquartered in Seattle and has offices in Connecticut, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 

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