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Illustration of 3-D Imaging and Tracking capabilities
Illustration of 3-D Rendering capabilities
Snapshots of harnesses for Tegla Tracker


The Tegla Tracker software leverages Augmented Reality to map brick-and-mortar retail environments and precisely track the position of shoppers. To track shoppers, we either harness shoppers or shopping carts with AR enabled phones. With limited invasiveness, automated data collection, and zero infrastructure overhead brands and retailers can gather powerful analytics with speed and precision. Leveraging the insights driven by the Tegla Tracker, clients have found opportunities to increase target shopper traffic in key areas of the store by 3X and increasing dwell time by 2X.


  • Superior Data Quality: The Tegla Tracker analyzes data on the individual shopper level to provide unique path analytics.
  • Zero Infrastructure Setup: The Tegla Tracker is device agnostic and does not rely on external technologies to collect data.
  • Real-Time Feedback:  Shopper data is stored on the Tegla Tracker, providing immediate access to journey recordings.

About the Company

Tegla Retail was founded with the mission to introduce advanced shopper and retail measurement tools to the digital age. Unlike most technologies used to gather shopper traffic data, the Tegla Tracker focuses on mapping stores with accuracy and tracking individual shopper path to purchase journeys. This leads to more precise and useful information logging, providing a richer understanding of store conversion metrics used to optimize and propel store performance.

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