TextMarks SMS Marketing Solutions

TextMarks SMS Marketing Solutions



TextMarks Cloud SMS Marketing Platform allows retailers to send coupons and special offers as well as announce new products, services or hours via SMS to all mobile phones. We make SMS marketing easy by helping our customers navigate regulatory compliance issues and handling all opt-in/opt-outs. TextMarks also includes high level tools like scheduled alerts, auto responders, advanced list segmentation, analysis and reporting.


  • Improve customer experience in-store by offering detailed product info via SMS.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty by providing targeted promotions.
  • Increase revenue by upselling high margin items and driving traffic during slow times.

About the Company

TextMarks is a SMS text message marketing and group communications platform used by major brands, retailers, small businesses, marketing agencies, non-profits and transit agencies nationwide. Since 2006, TextMarks’ easy-to-use web interface, robust API and reliable service has enabled thousands of customers to build their businesses, increase customer engage ment and loyalty, and deliver timely information to more than 10 Million users in the U.S.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  51-200 employees
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