Total Mobile POS Solution

Total Mobile POS Solution

Magstar, Inc.


Total Mobile Point of Sale (POS) delivers fully operational POS to wherever your customer needs assistance. With light handheld wireless devices, you empower your staff to handle traditional POS functions on the go, resulting in a better customer experience.


  • Secure credit and debit payment processing.
  • Returns featuring bar coded receipts to be redeemed at checkout.
  • Customer loyalty programs.

About the Company

Magstar Inc. is a subsidiary of Constellation Homebuilders Systems ("CHS"), wholly-owned by Constellation Software Inc. ("Constellation") a public company (TSX: CSU). 

Located in Toronto, Canada and Established in 1986, Magstar supplies Enterprise Resource Planning Software to mid-sized retailers across North America and the Caribbean. Magstar's complete product suite includes Back Office, POS, Mobile POS, Warehouse, and CRM applications. Magstar has been repeatedly recognized as holding an industry leading position by the Retail Information System's News LeaderBoard. 

Magstar’s Total Retail customers achieve the operational efficiencies they need to be profitable. Continuous improvements to the software, Point of Sale (POS) systems and now with the addition of a fully featured Mobile POS, ensures that our customers and partners have the technology they need when they need it, giving them the edge on their competition. 

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