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The specific self-checkout processes and functions differ from those of a conventional POS terminal and are not generally supported by classic POS software functionality.

Retailers who choose to install a self-checkout POS will not want to modify their POS software solution, let alone move to an entirely new system. And there is absolutely no need, thanks to the intelligent POS adapter interface offered by TPiSCAN.

This POS adapter provides for the exchange of data between the iSCAN software TPiSCAN, which controls the specific self-checkout processes, and the customer's preferred POS application.

TPiSCAN appropriately supplements the traditional POS software by making these essential self-checkout functions available, which are displayed to the customer on its optimally designed ergonomic graphical user interface


Key Features

  • No serious modifications of the POS software solution necessary to install a self-checkout
  • The open software interface and intelligent tools permit easy integration of POS applications
  • Windows XP and Linux as operating system platform
  • More than 60 POS applications adapted (et al., TPLinux, POSition, IBM SA, Fujitsu ISS400, Retailix Progress, Retail J, etc.)
  • Extensive interface description for the development of the POS adapter for the following programming languages:
  • Java
  • C (32 BIT Windows and Linux)
  • .net
  •  TPiSCAN simulator to develop and test the POS adapter on a standard PC or BEETLE system

About the Company

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly; people are empowered, connected and expect an unprecedented level of service and convenience. Simultaneously, the financial and retail industries we operate in are converging as mobile, contactless tech, smart data and advanced analytics blur the lines. The world is “always on” – it’s a digital era that requires us to orchestrate touchpoints in ways that meet and exceed the 24/7 automation needs of the banking and retail worlds. 

We’re the world leader in connected commerce, with proven expertise and comprehensive portfolios in cutting-edge systems technology, multi-vendor software and service excellence for both financial and retail customers. Diebold Nixdorf employs approximately 25,000 employees in more than 130 countries around the world. We are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DBD.”

Specialties: financial and retail self-service solutions, services, security solutions, software, cash management, branch and store transformation

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