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Mobile Self-Scanning solutions with TPiSHOPcombine a raft of benefits in one handy device: a carefree shopping experience, useful information and quick checkout.

Whether your customers want to do a quick purchase or stroll at leisure around the store, TPiSHOP allows them to save a lot of time because they scan their goods while they shop. All they then have to do at the checkout is pay. They no longer need to take their purchases out of the shopping cart and put them back in. A Mobile Self-Scanning solution does away with long lines at the checkout


Business Benefits

  • Compete more effectively with online and high-street retailers by streamlining the checkout experience
  • Build closer customer relationships through direct marketing via mobile-scanning devices
  • Reduce the risk of customer churn and shopping-cart abandonment with shorter checkout queuing times
  • Deliver outstanding customer services by empowering the customer to shop how they like and the better utilization of checkout personnel to manage a larger number of customers at peak times

Technical Benefits

  • Offer a user-friendly mobile client on dedicated scanning devices or customer-owned smartphones
  • Deliver personalized, persistent user accounts to enable customers to save shopping lists
  • Enable self-service payment options to complete the self-service experience

Technical details

  •  Support for multiple hardware platforms, including Android and iOS
  • Built on standards-based framework
  • Native integration with TP Application Suite solutions
  • Simple integration with:

- Existing store IT landscape
- Third-party point-of-sale solutions

About the Company

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly; people are empowered, connected and expect an unprecedented level of service and convenience. Simultaneously, the financial and retail industries we operate in are converging as mobile, contactless tech, smart data and advanced analytics blur the lines. The world is “always on” – it’s a digital era that requires us to orchestrate touchpoints in ways that meet and exceed the 24/7 automation needs of the banking and retail worlds. 

We’re the world leader in connected commerce, with proven expertise and comprehensive portfolios in cutting-edge systems technology, multi-vendor software and service excellence for both financial and retail customers. Diebold Nixdorf employs approximately 25,000 employees in more than 130 countries around the world. We are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DBD.”

Specialties: financial and retail self-service solutions, services, security solutions, software, cash management, branch and store transformation

Categories:  POS, Self checkout
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