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TRaCC is the Treatment Reimbursement and Cost Calculator for Specialty Drugs. It is a brand new, integrated and online service which estimates payer reimbursement implications to provider, patient and manufacturer for complex drug regimens such as Oncology, Immunology, Virology, Hep-C, MS, Hematology, HIV/AIDS, RA, Vaccines, and more.


  • Development Synergy: TRaCC brings payer reimbursement modeling expertise from Medical Marketing Economics (MME) with AnalySource development and delivery capabilities.
  • Fully Integrated: Through AnalySource, TRaCC is a flexible data service incorporating treatment algorithms with current pricing and product information. TRaCC is also available as a stand-alone tool.
  • Greater Efficiency: Reduced costs compared to one-off projects from consultants because TRaCC reports are always current.

About the Company

DMD is a full-service marketing research company that employs the full spectrum of methodologies and technologies available in the implementation of our programs. All of the methodologies used are administered and controlled by DMD senior management to assure high quality.

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