Transparent Touch-Screen

Transparent Touch-Screen


Transparent touch-screen.
Interactive transparent display.


taptl invented a transparent touch-screen. Think of taptl’s technology as a giant transparent iPad. Anything you can do on a TV or computer monitor, you can do on a taptl unit. The technology connects via HDMI and USB, and can include custom features such as Bluetooth, wifi, cameras and speakers. When installed into a storefront, retailers can work with their vendors to advertise on the window (via sublease), sell items directly from the window (stores are never closed), and collect data from the window. This technology truly ushers windows into the internet of things era.


Our technology can be integrated into existing window space (or built into new construction) and function as an interactive window that can be used to sell items, advertise, collect data and more. The applications are truly endless. With our product, retailers can increase their sales per square foot without increasing their square footage, market their products better, and collect similar data on their brick and mortar spaces as on their website.

About the Company

taptl is a woman and veteran owned startup with offices in St. Louis and Miami, specializing in the invention, development, manufacturing and selling of customizable transparent touch-screens. The technology can be used as windows, kiosks, directories, “TVs,” or computers for personal or business use. Founded in 2012, early protoypes were sold to Lockheed Martin, Nike and Tokyo University. All of its products are manufactured in Arizona in a state of the art government certified facility. The technology is available in sizes 5”-110”, supports both HD and UHD, is environmentally sustainable and offers endless applications.

The startup graduated from Prosper, the accelerator for women-led startups, and is the recipient of a 2015 Arch Grant. In 2016, taptl was a South by South West Releaseit! Finalist, selected to participate in the UBS Project Entrepreneur Weekend and chosen as one of 21 startups in the first class for the Miami-based Babson College WIN Lab.