Triden Systems Restaurant Order Solution

Triden Systems Restaurant Order Solution

Triden Systems Inc


Triden Systems provides quick-serve restaurants with self-service kiosk ordering hardware and software, and a connected online/mobile ordering solution, that enables restaurants to accelerate and simplify the ordering process while reducing their labor costs. 

Here are the three separate but connected platforms:

1.In-store: Our primary focus is the self-service kiosk.  Customers use it to place and pay for their order.  It consists of a 21 inch touch screen monitor, an ITX computer, a thermal printer and a credit card terminal which takes credit cards including EMV and contactless payment.

2.Online: We provide restaurants with a portal that has a standard layout.  Restaurant simply upload their menus and logos, customize as needed, then invite their customers to start ordering.

3.Mobile: This is an adapted version of the online portal.  Our iOS and Android apps enable customers to order their food directly through their smartphones. 

Triden Systems will provide each store with a POS unit.  All orders received, whether via kiosk, online or mobile are routed through the POS.   The POS is also able to accept cash for walk-in customers who do not wish to use credit cards.


Reduce labor costs.

Save money

Less headache

About the Company

Our mission is to help “mom&pop” restaurant owners survive in this difficult time of rising overhead costs, and have designed Triden specifically to meet their needs.  Because our profits are tied directly to their success, we will truly be in partnership with our customers.