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TRUNO proudly provides the two industry-leading Point of Sale software systems: Retalix ISS45 and Toshiba ACE.  Both software systems include feature-rich front end sales and accountability systems as well as stable and advanced back office systems with reporting, balancing, and system maintenance.  They are fully integrated with other TRUNO provided applications and products.


  • ISS45 is a system-based, customizable and integrated solution that combines a wide range of features to meet the ever changing service-oriented, cost-conscious grocery retail environment.
  • The ACE system is designed to increase speed of checkout with flexible options for cashiers and consumers.

About the Company

Truno is the national leader in integrated technology solutions focused solely on the retail industry. With over 30 years of experience and innovation, 3,000 customers sites, unmatched customer service and a world-class network of partners — Truno delivers retailers secure, stable and integrated technology solutions enabling them to navigate through an environment of ever-changing regulation, competition and technology.

Categories:  POS, Software
Best For:  SMB retailer, Wholesaler
Retail Verticals:  Supermarket

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Company Size:  201-500 employees
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