Bringing the truth back to ratings. 

Most businesses want to hear from lots of their paying customers, but don’t have the right tools. Most consumers want to feed back, but aren't given a convenient way, at the right time. 

We believe that for feedback to be simple and honest for both customers and businesses, it should fit seamlessly into the overall customer experience. And so we've utilized a tool nearly every business already owns and that every paying customer will come into contact with at the point of purchase - the payment terminal.

 Feedback like never before... 

TruRating is the first service to collect accurate customer feedback from the majority of your consumers when they pay. By using the existing payment terminals in your business to ask each customer a single question, TruRating enables you to gather representative consumer ratings affordably and simply. Customers can anonymously rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9 (where 0 is the worst, and 9 is the best), with a single keystroke. All of your ratings are automatically gathered and collated daily in an easy-to-use analytics suite, so that you can use this insight to make business decisions quickly with confidence.


Get customer insight to transform your business.

TruRating is easy for businesses of all sizes to set up, and even easier for customers to use. And it’s great value too! With TruRating you can finally get feedback you can trust and act on. Bringing you more customers and increased revenue.

Whether you are large or small, run a book store or a supermarket, TruRating is a smart, simple and affordable way to start making sure you’re giving your customers what they want, and reaping the benefits of doing so. 

You'll be able to:

  • link customer sentiment to spend and even basket-level data (POS integration required)
  • track your ratings at different times of the day and over periods of time
  • compare your ratings against anonymous competitors
  • benchmark the performance of individual branches against each other
  • monitor the impact that promotions, changes in operations, staff members, loyalty membership and even payment method all have on levels of satisfaction
  • create new opportunities and cost savings.

About the Company

TruRating is the first mass point-of-payment rating system that gives customers a say when they pay.

By answering one simple, anonymous question via the payment terminal, customers can rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9 (0 is terrible, 9 amazing).

Each consumer rating feeds two websites. Business owners can see their ratings over time, compare their ratings against anonymous competitors, link customer sentiment to spend and get detailed analytics. Consumers have access to a recommendations site they can trust, with ratings from validated customers.

We're live in businesses across the UK, Australia and North America.

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