udelv is the first custom-made, public-road autonomous and electric delivery vehicle. udelv's vehicle will bring forth a dramatic decrease in the cost of local deliveries, add delivery window flexibility, and significantly reduce a city's carbon footprint. Clean and affordable deliveries mean reimagining city life, and revolutionizing business.


Easy and safe

  • Packages are delivered anywhere. The compartment opens with one tap from the right phone. It's simple and secure. 

Anywhere, anytime

  • Users have full control over delivery time and location. No more restrictions due to human drivers and scheduling issues. 


  • Autonomous cars save our clients 2X  time and cost, which makes delivery faster and cheaper for customers.

About the Company

United States drivers will one day share the road with autonomous, last-mile delivery vehicles, produced by udelv, a Burlingame, Calif. company. The company will make history by hosting the world’s first public-road autonomous delivery test in San Mateo, Calif., from the local Draeger’s Market at a private event to be held within the next few weeks. In compliance with existing California regulations, the vehicle will be supervised by a safety driver and in test mode. udelv anticipates that its new vehicle will bring forth a dramatic drop in the cost of local deliveries, add delivery window flexibility and significantly reduce carbon footprint. Clean and affordable deliveries, combined with returns made easy, will meaningfully enhance people’s daily lives. The company’s goal is to test dozens of udelv vehicles on the roads in a few states within a short timeframe. Led by CEO Daniel Laury and CTO Akshat Patel, former Tesla and Apple engineering team member, udelv is listed on the California DMV Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program under the name of CarOne LLC. The company is funded by a group of investors that includes prominent US and international venture capital funds as well as private investors. “McKinsey estimates that 80 percent of all package deliveries will be autonomous in the next decade,” said Laury. “I am very proud that udelv will make history as the very first custom-made, public-road autonomous delivery vehicle. Our mission is to improve people’s lives. We will be releasing a continuous stream of innovations to fulfill that promise.”

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.

Company Size:  11-50 employees