Ugly Produce Delivery

Ugly Produce Delivery

Imperfect Foods


In America, 1 in 5 fruits and vegetables grown don't fit grocery stores' strict cosmetic standards -- the crooked carrot, the curvy cucumber, the undersized apple -- usually causing them to go to waste.

Imperfect's mission is to find a home for these "ugly" fruits and veggies, starting with our produce delivery subscription in the Bay. And because they look a little funny, you get the 30-50% off.

 Why sign up? You'll save money, eat healthy, support local farmers and fight food waste and the drought.


There's the perfect fit for everyone. All of our Mixed Boxes are now customizable!

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  • Regular Mixed Boxes
  • Organic Mixed Boxes

About the Company

Imperfect is America's leading brand for ugly produce. Every year, 20% of fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. fall short of the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores. Most often, it's because they have a different size or shape. Imperfect brings this produce to market for a 30-50% discount, starting in California. Our mission is to fight food waste, support farmers and make it easy to eat healthy on a budget.

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