Unattended Automated Retail (UAR)

Unattended Automated Retail (UAR)



Cashless Operation: ShelfX accepts credit, debit, mobile, and reload-able NFC Xcard payments. Taxes can be collected seperatly from the product sale price.  Optional payment methods include fingerprint and facial recognition.   

Remote Monitoring: ShelfX uses cloud-based apps to provide mobile and remote management of your fixtures. This allows you to view detailed employee activity and live inventory. Customer transaction activity is allowes you to charge and refund purchases directly through the web app. The smart fixture will send email alerts for unauthorized access, temperature changes, system failure, and more. If cooler temperature rises above desired threashold the system will not open the door to consumers.

Sales Analytics: ShelfX offers extensive reports including customizable sales reports, charts, product analysis, and more.  For more information click below.

Live Inventory Managment: ShelfX provides live inventory reports showing: product, prices, and quantities by shelf.  Waste reports and pick list can also be generated, detailing exactly what items and what quantities are needed for restocking. 

Expanded Merchandising: ShelfX smart fixture allows you to sell a wide variety of products such as fresh, healthy, gourmet foods. ShelfX smart fixtures can accommodate non-refrigerated items with dual temperature control.  

Marketing and Promotions: ShelfX  offers a wide variety of promotional features and  customizable discounts including: BOGO, combo meals, "Happy Hours" to encourage the sale of perishable items before exceeding freshness codes.  Employee meal benefits can also be linked to Xcards. 


  • Make Any Fixture a Smart Fixture: ShelfX retrofit kits allow you to transform your standard refrigerator or fixture into a smart UAR. Cashless payments, live inventory management and complete security for your products by capturing the customers payment information before unlocking the door. This means putting your product [we mean literally] in the hands of your costumers.  
  • Cutting Edge Technology: ShelfX provides a revolutionary retailing platform to match your unique brand, creating unprecedented demand for your products.
  • Break Into a New Market: ShelfX smart fixture allow you to sell a virtually variety of products, including fresh, healthy, and gourmet options. With ShelfX, you can bring your products to traditionally underserved markets such as schools, offices, gyms, hospitals and more.
  • Increase Your Sales: ShelfX provides an extensive variety of marketing and sales tools such as customizable discounts, BOGO, combo meals, "Happy Hours", and employee meal benefits. ShelfX system provides comprehensive sales reports, product analysis, customer buying trends, and more.   

About the Company

ShelfX is a leading provider of automated merchandising and inventory management technology. The technology can be deployed in secured or open access fixtures to allow consumers to purchase any item in any quantity right at the shelf. No cashiers, no lines, no product scanning, no RFID stickers.

ShelfX was established in 2011 and is growing rapidly. ShelfX is a global company with hundreds of active fixtures in many countries around the world operating in many languages and currencies. The proprietary technology developed by ShelfX is suitable for almost any automated merchandising need.

ShelfX manufactures and sells automated merchandising technology based on weight sensing shelves and NFC identification technology. This technology allows consumers to walk up to shelves, present payment, take items from the shelves and walk away. The charge for the items taken is applied to the shoppers account which receives an email receipt detailing the purchase. Currently, this technology is deployed in an unattended automated retail (UAR) providing a wide range of healthy, fresh and gourmet food options. Acceptable methods of payment are Credit / Debit cards, NFC devices, Smart cards, Xcard, Mobile phones, Employee Badges and payroll deduction.

ShelfX partners with leading manufacturers such as True Manufacturing, Minus 40 and Dukers to supply state of the art UAR fixtures for refrigerated, frozen, and ambient temperature fixtures.

ShelfX provides a cloud based software ecosystem which lets consumers setup and manage their account online. The software lets merchants manage their operations with a mobile based management application. The application (called Xmanager), is a mobile optimized solutions that allows access from any internet connected device such as a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

The consumer site, Xcard.me, provides customers with a way to setup up payment methods, associate NFC devices, add household members, see activity reports and much more from any web connected device.

ShelfX is a global company with resellers and operations in many countries around the world. The system operates in different languages and currencies.

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