Unified Predictive Analytics Solutions & Personalization for eCommerce

Unified Predictive Analytics Solutions & Personalization for eCommerce

Retail Automata Analytics Inc

Omni Channel Personalization for Retailers
Predictive Personalized Email Campaigning for Retailers
Event Based Retargetting Solution for Retailers


Historical Data from all sources such as Store Point of Sales, e-commerce website & any other source are analyzed by our cloud servers of MongoDB sharded replica sets that creates an Omni-Channel personalized world of relevant products for every individual customers that enables retailer to offer personalization by generating the most accurate Predictions of Future buys of customers from day one using the ultimate power of predictive analytics using Mathematical abstractions and intelligent modeling.


  • Omni Channel Personalization - Including product based recommendations, loyal customer specific personalization & product recommendations, New Customer Specific Personalization that can be placed on Home, Category, Product, Cart Pages for online retail website
  • Shopping Cart Re-targeting: Up to 3 personalized Shopping Cart Email automatation & retargeting with Category wise Discounting in case of shopping cart abandonment , Including Recently Viewed Order Follow-up and miss you emails to cross sell and up sell 
  • Predictive Email Campaigning & Customer Segmentation and Retailer Mobile Application - Customer segmentation based personalized email campaigns to engage with old and new customers with personalized prouduct recommendations. Proximity based push notifications can be generated to engage with customer through mobile application.

About the Company

Retail Automata Analytics Inc. is a Big Data Analytics firm based our Santa Clara providing Omni-Channel Personalization solution to Retailers around the world. The flagship technology & product suite "Unified Predictive Analytics Solutions & Personalization for eCommerce" is a predictive analytics recommendation engine with patent pending technology which can predict the future buys of the customers to show most accurate product recommendations using the power of Big Data Analytics and Natural Language Processing.