powering marketing execution for leading brands worldwide

From concept to delivery, we help your brand scale new heights


When rolling out marketing campaigns, Fortune 500 companies face a maze of players that dilute brands, weaken accountability, and waste limited resources

Our global technology is fluent in many languages and currencies. With VALO, we match 130,000 users with 10,000+ of the best suppliers around the world. Our clients benefit from one-click ordering, social network sharing, and access to 4.5 million historical records.
The result: a revolutionized marketing supply chain.


smart ideas. smart execution. 

we make marketing happen.

We deliver award-winning marketing execution services across integrated marketing channels with quicker lead times and flawless delivery.

Top brands often hand off their big ideas to several players, which dilutes control and increases the costs of marketing execution. Our smarter approach offers control and removes obstacles while maximizing the impact of your messages. We empower Fortune 500 brands and large non-profits across the globe to better connect with customers and improve marketing return on investment.

VALO simplifies the entire process, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

a panoramic approach

VALO covers marketing execution from every angle, from ideation to ordering, to delivery and fulfillment. 

lower costs without compromise

With our widespread supplier network, you gain efficiencies and boost quality while reducing costs. 

shorter lead time

Accelerate your sourcing strategy and get your products to market faster. 

real-time objective data

Glean insights and make better decisions from direct access to global purchasing execution.

shared expertise

VALO encourages employees to spread successful marketing ideas across their organization. 

easy on-demand ordering

Shopping for marketing materials is quick and simple. Transparent reporting and automated approvals simplifies paperwork. 

our technology advantage.

Revolutionize your marketing supply chain with VALO®, our comprehensive technology platform. With VALO, companies can benefit from a single, multi-currency, multi-lingual platform to source, procure, monitor and analyze all aspects of the marketing execution chain.

About the Company

InnerWorkings is the leading global marketing execution firm across a wide range of industries. As a comprehensive outsourced enterprise solution, the company helps Fortune 500 companies deliver consistent brand experiences in every major market worldwide. Our end-to-end services manage all aspects of marketing campaigns – from first impressions to the final interaction. Companies including Beam Suntory, Astrazeneca and Nike partner with InnerWorkings to execute faster, better, and at a global scale, while driving unparalleled savings, accountability and brand experiences.

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