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Content Analytics VendorSCOR™

  • An All-In-One Vendor Scorecarding & Content Optimization for Retailers
  • Multi-channel retailers all face a single, common challenge: monitoring and optimizing the vast amount of product content on their websites. Introducing VendorSCOR™,  the first and exclusive end-to-end system that monitors and alerts both you and your vendors about simple and easy fixes to maintain and improve your site’s overall content health.    
  • Monitor, Measure, and Prioritize Content and Engage Brands
  • When retailers use our platform to distribute Vendor Scorecards to their sellers, vendors know what areas need immediate attention and editing, ensuring increased site quality and improved, holistic communication with the entire network of brands. VendorSCOR:
  • Provides key oversight on brand and seller content
  • Highlights elements that impact traffic and conversion
  • Includes an end-to-end content management platform
  • Connects to the retailer’s internal site for real-time syndication
  • Automatically monitors existing content pages

FOR BRANDS: Your Control Center for eCommerce 

  • Knowing and deciding where to direct your efforts to optimize your eCommerce business is complex. Our platform gives you all the pieces you need in one solution. Solve it all today or pick a pain point within your eCommerce life cycle where a capability within our solution can solve it for you.
  • We deliver Content Management wrapped around an intelligent Analytics and Reporting suite and get you up and running in hours and days, not weeks and months. Plus, our software does not require an implementation or consultative services package to setup and run.
  • We customize our flexible solution to meet your unique goals and have done so for many of the world’s largest global brands and retailers including: Mondelez International, Samsung, PepsiCo, P&G, Walmart, and Mattel.



VendorSCOR™ Enables Retailers to:

  • Customize their own set of content health standards
  • Receive clear guidance and content priorities for downstream vendors
  • Study side-by-side comparisons for various categories and brands
  • Monitor click-through rates and track vendor progress
  • Leverage live, consumer-facing content to pinpoint gaps and omissions in product content  


  • We automatically refresh your data daily so you always have the most up-to-date content and insights in hand


  • Daily Content Health Reports give you a quick glimpse into what actions you can take to optimize your eCommerce business


  • Store, edit, and optimize content directly from your Master Catalog or Content Health Report


  • Quickly syndicate your product content to your retail channels directly from our platform


  • A full suite of analytics and reporting tools puts you in the driver’s seat

VendorSCOR™ Enables Brands to:

  • Use a single source of content to comply with retailer requirements
  • Leverage live, consumer-facing content to correct gaps and omissions in product content
  • Improve discoverability
  • Improve sales and decrease returns
  • Consistently manage brand messaging 

Content Analytics for Brands:

  • Our end-to-end solution allows you to tackle all of your pain points or choose a specific area to focus on with a Content Analytics’ standalone capability
  • Edit/manage/syndicate product content
  • Daily customized reports on content health, analytics, and monitoring for all of your major retail channels
  • Does not require an implementation or consultative package to setup and run
  • No more piecemealing vendors together: we are your single solution

About the Company

The Control Center for eCommerce: Content Analytics is the only end-to-end eCommerce solution combining analytics, content management and reporting all in one platform. We understand the complexity of eCommerce management, so we built our platform to simplify the process, with everything you need to manage all of your products, and ultimately, increase revenues. We’re helping P&G, Levi’s, Dole, Pfizer, Mattel, L’Oréal, Samsung and more stay at the forefront of eCommerce. Learn more at

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