Verify Customer Eligibility for Group Promotions

Verify Customer Eligibility for Group Promotions, Inc.


Promotions Online with Confidence

The Challenge: Physical ID cards aren’t easily used or checked online. The resulting friction often blocks brands from offering student and military discounts online due to concerns about fraud.

The Solution:’s platform connects instantly to authoritative data sources to efficiently verify if a customer is an eligible member of the targeted market segment.


Ecommerce: Trusted by over 1,000 brands, verifies customer eligibility for exclusive offers to protect special promotions from fraud. 

User Experience: Users verify group affiliations once and are issued a portable credential that allows instant verification across the partner network.

Benefit: Minimize steps to conversion 

Customizable: Customize account creation cart/checkout flow, or utilize the versatility of single-sign-on to deliver added convenience.

Benefit: Create optimal user experience to engage your audience 

Access to Data: has exclusive access to real-time data sources, offering users more options for rapid verification.

Benefit: 100% coverage through's exclusive data relationships 

Secure Offer: Promotions powered by do not rely on customer-facing promo codes.

Benefit: Promote freely without fear of fraud or abuse 

Security: requests a unique identifier during the verification process. prevents the creation of duplicate accounts, protecting offers from being abused outside of the eligible community.

Benefit: Mitigate risk of fraud with unique identifiers 

Support: provides support throughout all stages of partnership. Partners are assigned a dedicated Integration Engineer and a dedicated Partner Success Representative to ensure maximum success.

Benefit: In-house support 365 days a year by phone or email 

Marketing: owns and operates several marketing channels that provide exclusive hyper-targeted opportunities to partners.

Benefit: Easily reach eligible customers 

Flexible Integration Options:’s most popular solution, Checkout ties into existing promo code functionality so eligible customers are able to directly apply group specific promotions to their order.


About the Company's mission is to make the world a more trusted place by facilitating trusted interactions between people and organizations. We provide a digital wallet that enables consumers to produce verified ID cards e.g. Military, Student, Teacher, Membership, etc. as well as government issued ID cards in order to receive access to government programs or group specific discounts from retailers. MLB, Under Armour,, Coca-Cola, Hershey's, represent just a few of the 150+ brands that use our technology. Additionally, the federal government recently awarded a multimillion dollar contract to provide a single login for citizens that will be accepted across all government websites. has won multiple awards, including:

  • Recognized as one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Brilliant Companies of 2014
  • Audience Choice Award at Privacy Identity Innovation 2014
  • Voted DC Tech's Most Disruptive Company of 2014 according to
  • Finalist for Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year 2013
  • Named the Most Veteran Friendly Small Business in America 2013 by the US Chamber of Commerce

We like to keep it loose in the office. While wearing pants is encouraged (legal constraints), there are very few rules in our company. We look for nice, accountable, mission-driven people who work hard, learn fast, and don’t mind taking risks -- even if that means failing sometimes. We want fun and friendly co-workers who are committed to winning because that’s our culture.

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