Virtual Dressing Rooms

Virtual Dressing Rooms



Zugara has virtual dressing room technology optimized for multiple retail channels.  Our software works with regular webcams and Kinect, while also offering tablet integration for our Kiosk software.  Social sharing and analytics are fundamental to all of our virtual dressing room technologies to help increase purchase intent.


  • WSS For Web: WSS for Web is our virtual dressing room software optimized for ecommerce use that integrates with most major ecommerce platforms.
  • WSS For Kiosks: WSS for Kiosks is our virtual dressing room software optimized with Kinect and used for events, in-store displays and out-of-home advertising.
  • VSS For In-Store Retail: VSS is our virtual dressing room software optimized with Kinect and used with physical apparel and accessories in retail store environments.

About the Company

Zugara is an Augmented Reality technology company based in Los Angeles, CA. We develop Augmented Reality software and robust applications that advance the way in which people are able to interact with real time digital data. 

As a company, our mission is simple and to the point: harness our collective knowledge, passion and creativity to develop Augmented Reality Software that improves the way people experience life. 

As we look towards our vision for "tomorrow", and where we think Augmented Reality is headed, you'll see our philosophy manifested in the work we'll be doing to create software and experiences that push forward the awareness and adoption of a more "Natural User Interface" (NUI) - a user interface that is more "human" as it's based on your movement, voice and gestures. 

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