Virtual Reality Audio

Virtual Reality Audio



HyperSound is a breakthrough technology that offers retailers, systems integrators, and other organizations the ability to create immersive sound zones without bleed.


  • Increases initial interaction: Your message reaches a bigger audience when high-quality media brings in more foot traffic.
  • Increases engagement: Virtual reality audio is completely immersive, similar to wearing headphones. This rich, immersive experience holds people’s attention - longer. And it’s more than just stopping power. This innovative audio experience is more unique, interesting, and entertaining than traditional in-store audio.
  • Increases message retention: HyperSound pairs with visuals to build sensory branding — a rich virtual reality that enhances message assimilation and recall.

About the Company

HyperSound is an innovation in audio that uses a thin film to generate an ultrasonic beam of sound. Like a flashlight controls a ray of light, HyperSound directs sound in a narrow beam limiting it to a specific location, creating a precise audio zone. When an individual enters the beam’s radius, they hear immersive 3D audio, similar to wearing a surround sound headset. 

The combination of exceptional control over the placement of audio, and the immersive quality of the sound, makes HyperSound a disruptive innovation that has the potential to dramatically change commercial, consumer, and hearing-loss markets. 

Turtle Beach Corporation is creating new products based upon HyperSound technology and expanding distribution to new markets and new geographies. The company is also pursuing licensing opportunities with a wide range of manufacturers.

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