Visual Discovery Platform

Visual Discovery Platform



Beautiful discovery experiences with one simple API

Similar Products: Show visually similar fashion products to what your users are viewing and improve product discovery on your website or mobile app.

Complete The Look: Sometimes your customers want to buy multiple fashion products that go well together. Give them a pleasant discovery experience with our Complete The Look feature.

In-Image Commerce: You customers can find inspiration anywhere be it social media, the web or the real world. And now you can help them buy fashion products from within an image like never before.

Simple Pricing: Competative pricing for all our solutions

Fast Onboarding: Completely online effortless onboarding

Easy Integration: Restful APIs and clients to get you started within minutes


  • Improve Engagement: Engage your users by providing them a seamless product discovery experience
  • Increase Conversions: Increase your conversions by providing smart recommendations to cross sale & upsell
  • Leverage Analytics: Take control of your user's behaviour analytics from our powerful dashboard

About the Company

Artifacia is a visual discovery platform. It is an award-winning technology startup founded in 2015. With a presence in India and the US, it works with fashion brands and retailers to help them improve user experience and increase conversions with its innovative product discovery solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.

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