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For years, people have grappled with the challenge of finding answers without knowing what they’re looking at. Shoppers want to achieve a certain look. Car owners need to replace a certain part. Physicians struggle to interpret an unusual sample. Our visual search technology solves these problems with a patented image analysis approach.


With eyesFinder, physicians can make decisions using search-by-image data mining; unknown images are matched to known images. Text is no longer required to find an answer with visual search engines. This technology also allows consumers to connect with online inventories, increasing engagement and boosting online sales in the process.


Most consumers carry Internet-connected phones, and text-based search on a tiny touchscreen keypad is frustrating. With eyesFinder, search-by-image functionality will expedite all of your retail needs, allowing users to take a picture, search our library for a match, then purchase. It’s that simple.


  • Our patented, image-analysis algorithm matches unknown images to known images, making search by image much faster and more intuitive than a text-based search for unknown terms, products, or clinical samples. 

About the Company

eyesFinder is a leading developer of comprehensive visual search technology. Our patented technology allows you to take a picture and do a search of anything; from a pair of shoes that you spot while on your daily walk through the city, to a particular skyscraper that you catch glimpse of in the New York skyline. We also partner with companies in a wide variety of markets who incorporate our visual search capability in their products. 

First developed for demanding medical imaging applications, the sophisticated visual search technology behind eyesFinder has been in development for over eight years and enables effective visual search to become a reality. The vast majority of internet usage now occurs on mobile devices, and text search is often frustrating on a tiny touch screen keypad. Currently, there are over two-billion camera phones in circulation worldwide, so workable visual search will satisfy a huge market.

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