Visualize Consumer Demand and Instantly "Sell Now"

Visualize Consumer Demand and Instantly "Sell Now"



Discover a new way to shop...Scroll personalized recommendations that get better as you interact with the app.

Easily add to your smart wishlist...Gift cards to the designers and places you love, and brand new products that you would buy for the "right" price.

Get inspired by the Community...Follow friends, family, and trendsetters, unlocking a feed of recommendations we lovingly call social curation.



  • Revenue Target: Instantly capture revenue. Hit monthly / quarterly / annual revenue targets with just a few clicks.
  • Quantity Target: Sell excess inventory efficiently. Tap into latent demand rather than sending to outlets or middlemen.
  • Promo Price Target: Instead of one-size-fits-all promos (e.g. "10% off for joining newsletter"), offer discounts that actually work.

About the Company

The world is changing. Technology is evolving, transforming, connecting, and unlocking whole new possibilities.

Ideally is one of these possibilities, but also an ethos - a choice by which we strive to see the world as it can be and then make it so.

Our focus is crafting commerce to be... simply better. We are fundamentally changing the way consumers shop / buy / discover. And it would be cool if you joined us...

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