Water Control & Monitoring

Water Control & Monitoring

Flō Technologies, Inc.


Flo is a comprehensive water monitoring and control system with leak detection, and proactive leak prevention technologies. Via its smartphone dashboard, Flo provides users the ability to control water remotely, while empowering and gamifying conservation efforts.


SAY HI TO YOUR DASHBOARD: Flo is at your fingertips. From initial on-boarding to getting updates on your water usage, everything you need to control and monitor your water system is done from your Flo app.

  • TESTS: Proactively testing the integrity of your water system. Leaks happen, but Flo isn’t waiting around until one does to tell you about it. Flo is proactively running tests, checking your system’s vital signs and self-diagnosing problems before leaks arise.
  • ALERTS: Get the message when it matters. If there’s an issue with your water system, you’ll get an alert right away, right to your phone. You can troubleshoot the issue, run more tests, or even setup automatic notification to your plumber.
  • CONTROLS: What good is an alert if you can't stop the leak? You can shutoff your water remotely with a tap on your smartphone, or Flo can turn off the water for you if it senses something bad happening.
  • USAGE: Set goals, get tips, and keep yourself accountable. Giving you real understanding of how and when you’re using our most precious resource. With Flo’s robust monitoring technology, you’ll have the tool to empower your own water conservation efforts, and the insights to help save money on your water bill.

About the Company

Flō is a first of its kind and proprietary water control and monitoring system for homes and buildings that virtually eliminates all flooding caused by plumbing leaks, saves billions and empowers conservation

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