Wearable Motion Capture Sensors

Wearable Motion Capture Sensors



Wearable motion capture sensors that measure stretch, pressure, bend, and shear

Our wearable sensors are designed to unobtrusively measure large and small strains, and transmit the data accurately to a bluetooth enabled device, without the need for constant recalibration. Our capacitive sensors provide accurate, stable data when stretched repeatedly. If you are developing a product that relies on accurate soft body position data, or if you are researching or evaluating a product’s performance or comfort, discuss your needs with us, or pick up an evaluation kit.


  • Quantifying comfort in healthcare, sports, and wearables: Whether you are designing fitness trackers to be worn for a few hours or want to provide better care for patients connected to medical devices for weeks, soft pressure sensors enable smarter technologies.
  • Pervasive sensing for connected cars: The car seat is a 'make-or-break' area of human-object interaction in a vehicle. What if we could make a better one?
  • Enabling motion sensing for smart sports garments: StretchSense fabric stretch sensors are designed for measuring body motion to enable new methods of sports training. The fabric sensors are tough for sports and provide precise data on movement. This is an exciting new way for coaches to provide feedback to athletes, track posture during exercise, and monitor rehabilitation of injuries.

About the Company

Wearable technology should be truly unobtrusive – always helping but never in the way. StretchSense digitises body motion with sensors that you barely know are there. We enable user interfaces that feel like muscle memory, help coaches track your every move, and are moving medicine from the hospital to the home. In the next few years, you will not see our sensors everywhere. 

Our revolutionary polymer sensors are: 

  • High strain 
  • Soft and compliant with soft structures (like the human body) 
  • Wireless 
  • Mobile ready 

And now available to purchase online through our website! 

Have a look at our products or contact us today to discuss how our technology can match your needs.

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