Web-based Retail POS Software

Web-based Retail POS Software

Posterita Inc.


Posterita POS, the most robust cloud & iPad POS and inventory management for multi-sites retailers. Powerful, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Web Based POS.

Buyer: Purchase orders, replenishments, demand forecating, item management, category management, supply chain analytics.

Warehouse Manager: Item classification management, Real-time inventory tracking, Inventory transfer among stores, Trace your inventories. Inventory adjustments.

Sales Rep: Intuitive and easy to use, Sell anything you want, Low training time, Perform POS operations faster and with more control.

Marketer: Customer creation and management, Loyalty reward program, Know your customer better, Track your customers, Run targeted promotions, Reports.

Manager: Manage all stores centrally, Get all data you need to take the right decisions, Measure performance of anything, Achieve your business objectives.


  • Simplicity: Clear and concise user interface that improves speed & accuracy as well as minimizes input errors.Quick navigation from one screen to another. Single screen transaction technology.
  • Robustness: Built for total control and built upon an enterprise resource planning platform. Precise, secure & accurate. Performance analysis at all detail levels including an audit trail. Platform native POS that synchronizes back to the cloud.
  • Multiple stores: Record every detail of every transactions in a single database while sharing a common item & inventory file between stores and while keeping each store’s data private.

About the Company

Posterita is a cloud-based software application that enables retailers to operate an entire chain or a single store from any computer with an Internet connection, at any time. It also makes it possible for retailers to maintain a uniform database about every aspect – from sales to inventory. 

Posterita's web based retail management and touch screen POS solution uses "Cloud Computing" to roll out the service to retailers throughout the world. Cloud Computing eliminates the costs and complexity of buying, configuring, and managing the hardware and software needed to build and deploy applications. Instead, these applications are delivered as a service over the Internet. Meaning that small and medium retailers can now have access to solution that was previously only available to large retail chains. 

Posterita provides a unique mix of high-impact benefits. We are distinguished by: 

- Web based architecture that leverages ERP and business intelligence features - but without ever sacrificing check out speed! 
- Our focus on simplicity and our ability to remove complexity from retail operations. 
- Our ability to provide instant feedback that allows retailers to respond to information, because we know that knowledge provides control and peace of mind. 
- Our aptitude to manage multiple and remote storesin a multi-national and multi-currency environment.

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