Website Performance Management

Website Performance Management

Blue Triangle Technologies


Quantify the impact performance has on your sales and conversions.

Prioritize development and quickly capture additional revenue by uncovering which webpages have business opportunities from faster page speed. Directly attribute revenue to your performance improvements.

Find business opportunities on each page throughout your site by device type, geography, browser, OS, and more.

Identify performance issues in real time.

Utilize robust, real-user analytics to pinpoint what is causing poor mobile, tablet, or desktop experiences across your website. Aggregated object and domain level waterfalls paint the full picture of your users' experiences.

Be alerted the second any problem arises on your site and take advantage of Blue Triangle’s industry leading web performance expertise to help you succeed.

Manage your site’s performance with ease.

Continually manage your site’s performance with real user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic monitoring in one easy-to-use online customer portal.

Customizable dashboards and reports empower you and your team to take control of your site's performance - anytime, anywhere.


  • Find Additional Revenue: Blue Triangle's unique solution can tell you exactly how much slow web page load times are costing you. Realize additional revenue by fixing performance.
  • Less Diagnosing, More Developing: Stop guessing where to focus your development team. Pinpoint and fix specific problems impacting customers and revenue.
  • Keep Your Site Healthy and Customers Happy: Manage your site’s performance daily with real user and synthetic monitoring. Be alerted the second an issue arises.

About the Company

Blue Triangle Technologies is the leader in web performance management, predicting and quantifying the impact page speed has on revenue and conversions. Trusted by distinguished brands including Kohl's, Marriott, and Microsoft, Blue Triangle’s solution empowers business and technical stakeholders with unparalleled end user insights – enabling better performance, maximized revenues, and optimal customer experiences. 

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