Pre-Qualified, Vetted, Police Checked Staff, On Demand - The simplest and fastest on-demand staffing platform

How does it work?

  1. You post a job
  2. Our platform matches your request to our Weployees
  3. The first available Weployee accepts, and arrives at your office
  4. You rate your Weployee, and we facilitate payment 

Who can I hire on Weploy?

Right now, you can hire Weployees in the following industries. But we’re expanding our Weployee skills base daily, so get in touch below if you need staff in a different industry.

  • Customer Service
  • General Admin
  • Data Entry
  • Business Support


Our extensive vetting ensures you get the best quality, every time

We’ve developed an extensive 5-step screening process so you can rest assured that every Weployee that arrives at your door is top-quality. Prior to joining us, Weployees have to complete:

  1. Phone Interview
  2. Psychometric & Cognitive Testing
  3. Skills Test  
  4. Face to Face Interview
  5. Police Check

We pride ourselves in how great our community is, which is why if your Weployee isn’t suitable for the job, we’ll replace them immediately and cover the cost of their first day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview-free time!

About the Company

Weploy is the fastest on-demand staffing platform for office and business support roles. We were founded as we were sure there had to be a better way to hire temporary staff.

Hiring the best office support staff has never been easier - it’s also never been faster or cheaper. Weploy gives you direct access to quality, pre-vetted pools of talent that are quality guaranteed and can start work in an instant.

Whether you need backoffice cover for that day or regular help with managing peak times, posting a job takes less than a minute and are filled in under 30 seconds. Register your organisation today and help your teams be more productive with Weploy.

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