White-Label Online Grocery Platform

White-Label Online Grocery Platform



End-to-end SaaS Platform

Our solution is designed for retailers to grow their customer base through an elegant web store and mobile app that fully reflect the values of their brand. Our cloud-based robust platform is fully equipped with all e‑commerce fulfillment and delivery options.

  • Personalized Content: Product-scanning technology with 360° imaging and a wide range of attributes, over 200,000 SKUs scanned. Bring your complete assortment online in a matter of days, not months!
  • Seamless Shopping: Quickly deployed feature-rich store. Tailor-made to fit your brand. Your customers enjoy a modern web and mobile experience.
  • Intuitive order management: Complete control of customer touch-points and data. Custom solutions for personal shoppers and couriers. Fulfil orders internally or through third party providers. 
  • Real-time analytics: User behaviour analysis and prediction. Live workforce performance reporting. See comprehensive reports on your online sales and expenses with accompanying forecasts.

CartFresh Services

Don’t get left behind. CartFresh helps you serve today’s customers and attract tomorrow’s. Our platform has been used to help dozens of retailers to launch delivery service, expand their customer base and increase their sales and profitability.

  • Content Management: Knowledgeable professionals helping put your products online, and curating them for maximal customer satisfaction. 
  • Customer Support: Experienced customer service team, who ensure every customer enjoys their shopping experience. 
  • Dispatch Services: Dedicated specialists who optimize logistics and manage the workforce for maximum efficiency


  • Personalized Content
  • Intuitive order management
  • Real-time analytics

About the Company

CartFresh is a white-label online grocery platform. We help grocery chains achieve success in new customer acquisition through cutting-edge pickup or delivery service. 

Since 2011, we have enabled successful delivery of over 350,000 orders. In partnerships with METRO Group (METRO C&C Ukraine), Fozzy Group, NOVUS, and others we expanded their addressable audience by millions of households.

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