Whole Building Leak Detection and Analysis System

Whole Building Leak Detection and Analysis System



The AquaSeca solution includes a group of low-cost acoustic sensors which "listen" to water usage.  The sensors are battery powered, wireless and non-invasive, so no plumbers or electricians are required for installing the system. The sensors are strapped onto accessible pipes, and together collect and transfer data to AquaSeca's cloud-based analytics hub.

For any installation, the data is analyzed to create the building's unique operational water footprint.  Since data is gathered from multiple points in the building, problem locations can be more easily located.  Unexpected  water usage is identified, and actionable information sent to the property manager or owner. The system can detect virtually every problem building managers confront, and can be tied into existing shutoff valves or other monitoring systems.

Pipe bursts, drip leaks inside walls, malfunctioning equipment, broken irrigation systems, fire prevention equipment leakage, and more can be detected with the AquaSeca whole building system.  In addition building owners and managers can gain valuable data on water usage and waste.

  • Fast Leak Detection                                
  • Protects Property
  • Real-time Monitoring                              
  • Reduces water damage and consumption
  • Low Cost                                                  
  • Much lower cost than incumbent solutions
  • Easy Installation                                      
  • No plumber/electrician; non-invasive to pipes/plumbing


  • Immediate Benefit to the Bottom Line
  • Asset protection and risk mitigation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved tenant satisfaction and retention
  • Maximized water use efficiency
  • Quality, healthy environment
  • Potentially lower insurance costs and exemptions

About the Company

AquaSeca is a California-based, emerging company founded by an experienced team of technology executives. The company has developed innovative technology capable of dramatically reducing the $10 billion per year in damages caused by water leaks on private property.   

AquaSeca's technology leverages advances in acoustic sensing, wireless communications, machine learning and cloud-based computing to deliver an integrated solution that addresses most water-related problems that impact commercial buildings.  

The company is implementing a launch-customer program through which building management companies and owners can participate in no-fee field trials, helping define the user interface to its particular requirements.  In exchange for participating in the program, launch customers will not only receive free hardware and monitoring services during the trial period, but will benefit from ongoing favored pricing and added services.

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