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Wine is alive! – wine is the product of alive microbial community interactions.

Each wine has a unique fingerprint resulting from the fight of microbial survival from turning grapes into wine. This micro-activity impacts the characteristics of wine, specially its taste.

WineSeq identifies and measures the living microbial communities in wine by using advanced genomics analytics and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.


  • Assess Vineyard Health Risks, all the pathogen species.
  • Identify your unique Micro Wine Makers (MwM).
  • Compare blocks and segment the vineyard.
  • Define your customized inoculation strategy.
  • Develop individualized spraying strategies.

About the Company

We are revolutionizing the way you think about winemaking

We have developed WineSeq, a new technology which leverages advances in genomic analysis and translates them to the winemaking space. Biome Makers is transforming the way producers and consumers understand wine.

Metagenomics is the study of the ubiquitous microbial component of our bodies and environment. This field has been disrupted by the advances in DNA sequencing technology that enables a comprehensive measure microbial species and their functions. Besides being an integral part of our health and well-being, these organisms are tiny workhorses of the environment – performing many of the essential reactions to cycle energy and nutrients in our environment.

We are translating the cutting edge technologies developed in the health industry to this winemaking, and for the first time put this information in the hands of enologists for precision enology. 

Are you ready to open your mind and look at the wine from a completely different view?

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