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Cutting-edge tech that can halve food waste and reduce costs in just a few clicks

The Winnow System makes it quick and easy to record exactly how food is being wasted through smart meter technology attached to your food waste bin

  •  Our technology is designed with the busy kitchen in mind. Your kitchen staff can go about their day in the usual manner but with just a few clicks they can track how and what food is wasted. Our system provides both real-time and regular reporting on transparent and measurable data, so that you can easily identify areas for reducing your food waste. 


  • Food waste is thrown away in the usual way into any bin, which is placed on our smart weighing meter technology. 


  • Staff use the simple touchscreen, fully customised to your menu, to quickly identify the type of food thrown away and at what stage. It literally takes seconds. 


  • Cloud software analyses and records the day’s waste. The menu integration allows the system to automatically record a number of key metrics. 


  • In real-time, staff are shown the value of each item thrown away, driving behaviour change. Daily reports are also sent to your inbox that pinpoint key opportunities to cut waste, benchmark multiple sites and track performance. 


  • Winnow customers typically save 3-8 % on food cost. Sites using Winnow can expect an ROI of 2x to 10x.


Significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and meet your sustainability goals 

Innovative technology that cuts food waste in half whilst providing significant profit growth. Winnow customers typically save 3-8% on food cost

  • Winnow can help you achieve your CSR goals 
  • You can now prevent food waste – not deal with it 
  • Measurable metrics 
  • Rapid and high ROI: sites using Winnow can expect an ROI of 2x to 10x 
  • Be seen as a leaders in the sustainable food movements

About the Company

We believe that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. Winnow helps companies in hospitality reduce food waste and cost, increase gross profit, while decreasing impact on environment. We bring smart devices into the kitchen and empower chefs and staff to get the most from their kitchens and reduce unnecessary wastage by providing granular, actionable information on food waste. We believe that what gets measured gets managed.

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