Wonder Rewards

Wonder Rewards

Wonder Rewards

Drive In-Store and eCommerce Sales with the Power of CRM


Wonder Rewards is a global provider of end-to-end digital customer loyalty and engagement solutions that drive incremental sales, serve up a better understanding of customer shopping behavior and actionable insights, and personalize the shopping experience.

We offer an Alliance Loyalty Marketing Platform with millions of shoppers engaged in the "spend", "earn", "redeem" transactional cycle, with greater redemption value and spending power, than any other rewards program.

Add value, not lower price, to transaction:

  • NO Startup Costs, NO Recurring Fees
  • 100% digital, proven technology.  No cards. No keytags
  • Integrate online and offline sales
  • Best CRM Analytics that drive and increase sales
  • Strengthen the relationships with customers 
  • POS Integration – Plug-in application, compatible with any POS
                                 (Eliminate Integration Costs)

Intelligence-Based Marketing

Wonder Rewards analytics is based on Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud, providing data-driven insights that guide business decisions and optimize marketing campaigns.  Supercharge your customer acquisition, retention, upsell and cross-sell strategies.  Gain a deep understanding of your customers and build stronger relationships with analytics that are automated, smart and predictive.


Exponential Member Growth

  • 8 Million+ members between the USA and five Pacific Rim countries, are currently using our platform.  Members include consumers, businesses, distributors and manufacturers 

Revenue-Sharing Model

  • Our revenue-sharing model returns much of your promotional investment directly to your bottom line. An alliance marketing platform where your points make cents.

Protect Your Market Share

  • Protect your market share and your margins against web-based and chain mega-retailers and the race to the bottom on pricing

Mobile First​

  • An alliance platform built with a mobile first approach. You, your clients and your distributors are all on ONE mobile friendly platform, keeping the rewards and sales at your finger tips

New Value Proposition – Retailers & Customers

  • Wonder Rewards is the only program where your customers reach redemption levels rapidly, as well as see their points grow over time. And your sales grow with them. Our rewards program retains your best customers - that segment which is responsible for a disproportionally large contribution of sales.

Join Our Base Of Merchants Who Help Shoppers Reinvest Daily Spending In Their Community, Instead Of Sending Their Dollars To Amazon

  • We want to be your resource for building better relationships within your communities, where you as the Merchant build meaningful relationships with your customers, Wonder Rewards provides the transparent platform to make brick & mortar retail experiences valuable.

Online Market Place – Cross Border Solution

  • Create a new revenue stream but placing your products, goods or services on our Online Marketplace and open your marketplace to include the World. Wonder Rewards is bringing a world of shopping opportunities to the door of millions of global consumers, who love to by American products.

Easy to Use 

  • Our mobile and web applications allow the seamless integration and customer experience with your clients.

About the Company

Wonder Rewards is a financial technology company which operates innovative and successful coalition reward programs on behalf of retailers and brands. Since 2018, Wonder Rewards expanded operations across the U.S., along with business opportunities for U.S. and foreign stakeholders.  Wonder Rewards started over 4 years ago and currently has a base of over 8 million active users globally.  Wonder Rewards is operated by E1 Marketing Lab, Inc. For more information, visit www.wonderrewards.com or call 1-877-WONDERS

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  11-50 employees