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TABS WorldView® is an advanced suite of services that enable companies to gain CPG Global Business Intelligence and understand market performance and opportunities quickly.  The foundation of TABS WorldView® is our proprietary Data Harmonization process, that transforms disparate raw data formats into a consolidated and consistent database.  Data Harmonization is conducted across category definitions, product attribution, monetary value exchange, and reporting time period alignment.  The result is instant access to market performance at the global, regional, and local country level via TABS’ easy-to-use access tools.


  • ABS WorldView® makes this possible by quickly and easily providing the necessary global perspective to drive strategic insights and decisions that can be implemented at the local country level.

About the Company

TABS Group, founded by Dr. Kurt Jetta in 1998, is a technology-enabled analytics firm that services the Consumer Products industry. Our mission is to simplify and improve the way analytics is conducted in the Consumer Products industry. Our Analytical Innovation accomplishes this and translates into a competitive advantage for our clients. 

TABS is the leading outsourced Sales and Marketing analytics firm in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. All TABS consultants have been leaders at major consumer products companies and know what insights Sales, Marketing and Retailers are looking for to grow revenue and maximize profit. 

TABS Group's key clients include: Unilever, Energizer Personal Care, Wyeth Nutrition/Nestle Nutrition, Physicians Formula, Hormel, Mentholatum, Mars, Philips Consumer, Prestige Brands, GNC, Profoot, DenTek, Zarbees, Nutramax, Evenflo, Playtex.

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