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Retailers are increasingly shifting their point-of-sale to mobile devices in response to the growth in smart phone adoption and the need to create seamless shopping experiences across all channels. A report from the RIS Store systems study reiterates the fact that 66% of retailers are looking at increasing their store count in 2013 combined with the response that overall reduction in future POS terminal purchases is expected to be 12.4%, puts a huge punctuation mark on the impact that mobile has in retail. The 2013 study revealed that mobile's influence in the store is only accelerating and isn't expected to slow down.

Mobile POS is the future for bricks-and-mortar retailers because it enables associates to engage directly with customers. A mobile POS solution from Zensar, gives the power to retailers to enhance the shopping experience of its customers by letting them do a quick shopping and a quicker checkout without the need to stand in the queue.


  • Faster billing reduces the customer queues at bill counter.
  • Portable devices which are easy to handle and configure.
  • Better customer satisfaction in terms of time saved.

About the Company

Zensar Technologies is among the top software services providers from India, with industry expertise spans across Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Insurance. With 8000+ associates, Zensar has sales and operations presence across US, UK, Middle East, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, China and Australia. 

The Company delivers comprehensive services in mission-critical applications, Digital Enterprise, Enterprise Solutions, Business Process Management, Infrastructure Management and Knowledge Services. The Company supports Fortune 500 clients with software business solutions that help them compete in the digital economy. 

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